Case Studies


We don’t just talk the talk…

Growth Hacking Medium.com

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Our co-founder, Dakota, leveraged Medium to become a Top Writer on the platform, land a spot as a columnist on world-renowned Inc. Magazine, drive 1,000+ email sign-ups for our newsletter, and snag 10+ clients solely with Medium articles he published.

Additionally, through Dakota’s work on Medium (link to profile here), he was able to reach over 1 million people worldwide through his articles, interviews on industry-leading podcasts and public speaking engagements on Medium marketing.

We can do the same for you.

Facebook & Twitter: Taking a Client’s Podcast to New Heights

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For a client of ours who runs a fast-growing podcast, we increased their number of Facebook Page Likes from 67 to over 2,400 in less than 2 months. Additionally, through engaging social media content, we have been able to drive their average Twitter mentions up by a rate of 31X.

This has resulted in the client landing multiple public speaking engagements, as well as NY Times bestselling authors offering to speak on the client’s podcast.

Driving 300 Email Subscribers…With a Single Article & No Money Spent

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On Medium.com, our co-founder, Dakota Shane, wrote and published an article titled, 7 Mindset Shifts Needed For Successful Social Media Marketing. To capitalize on the relevant readership, the Copy Buffs team put together an 8-page cheat sheet which outlined the high-level points laid out in the article. At the bottom of the article, a link to the squeeze page where hyper-engaged readers could download the cheat sheet was placed to increase the likelihood they would sign up.

By providing thorough, compelling content to Medium readers on a topic close to their hearts — navigating the turbulent waters of social media marketing — the Copy Buffs team was able to entice readers to click through and download the PDF, resulting in over 300 email subscribers with a single blog post.

Instagram Growth For a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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A lifestyle entrepreneur approached us with a single goal in mind: significantly growing her presence and influence on Instagram… the only problem was she didn’t even have an Instagram account to begin with, so we were starting from scratch.

Yet, through the use of shout-outs from relevant accounts, hashtag research, publishing eye-catching branded content and more, we were able to take her Instagram account from 0 followers to 3,000 followers in just 29 days.

Specifically, we first created a captivating brand kit that would catch the eyes of users as they scroll down their feeds, whether the content was word art, a selfie or something else entirely. We also crafted and executed a 30-Day Pose Challenge, which helped to garner relevant traction in the Instagram yoga & fitness community.

Her follower count wasn’t the only benefit that came with her newly-found Instagram presence though. In fact, as a direct result of her Instagram posts, that very month she landed 3 new clients on top of a full-ride scholarship to study her craft in Italy at a prestigious academy.

Needless to say, we were stoked… and a little upset she didn’t invite us to Italy.