Dylan Blake & Dakota Shane, co-founders of Copy Buffs.

Dylan Blake & Dakota Shane, co-founders of Copy Buffs.

For us, writing is everything. Growing up in a family of writers, our co-founders, Dylan and Dakota (yes, they’re also brothers), wrote screenplays, short stories, website copy, blog posts, novels and more. Yet, we always assumed writing would be nothing more than a hobby--than a creative outlet.

That all changed when we started our marketing agency. Slowly but surely, we started to realize that in business, words mean everything. From there, we hit the ground running.

We launched Copy Buffs for two very important reasons. For one, we wanted to launch a company focused on providing our clients with amazing results--whether through copywriting, ghostwriting, social media marketing or something else entirely.

The second reason we started Copy Buffs is for writers themselves. We wanted to build a community of badass writers. A place where writers can feel cool, comfortable and appreciated.

A place where they’re reminded how awesome they really are. Through our content and the establishment of our community, we’re on a mission to help writers get their swag back—F. Scott Fitzgerald style.

If you, or someone you know, wants to become a writing buff, we’d love for you to join the movement.